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Dear FlashCode!
Below I describe more info about this bug.
Step to reproduce:
1. Install weechat (or reset current settings)
2. Add server Libera.Chat + add some channels
3. Change one setting only: irc.look.server_buffer = independent
4. Add server + add some channels
5. Connect to these servers
6. Use Alt-Arrows (or Alt-Num keys) navigate beetwen windows
7. You'll see this bug as I described yesterday in irc chat.
No important way/direction any_channel_window->OFTC_window
or server_window->OFTC_window this bug still exists.
After some investigation I found a function
and changed the setting irc.look.nick_mode_empty = on
Now code inside was execute.
In result in channels_windows/buffers "input_promt" will add the extra space before login_promt, like this [ alevykh(Ziw)],
but no issues here anymore***.
***But issue still exists if you move between servers_windows/buffers only, eg Libera->OFTC (no through channels_windows/buffers). Beacuse, as understand when I chandged "irc.look.nick_mode_empty = on" setting I create new logic in program.
Also I suspect this bug related to calculate len of login_promt, in Libera length "[alevykh(Ziw)]" of login_promt gt than OFTC "[alevykh(iR)]" to one char. And it occurs only when I jump from LENGTH to length. And because it's not happen when jumping from OFTC (length)->Libera (LENGTH).
I don't know well C-lang (probably will learn later) but I ask you look more on this bug.
Probably I think wrong and this bug related to i3wm environment, I'm new in Linux and do not know how all work inside yet.
Thanks in advance!
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